03 April 2009

Smells and Emotions

Do you relax and feel more at peace when in an environment with a pleasant fragrance? How are your experiences altered by the smells around you? What is your favourite smell?

A topic of particular interest to me is the relationship between sensory perceptions and inner peace. The smells you like may be ones I detest. The smells I enjoy may include some that you find repulsive. Does the enjoyment of a smell depend on your mood?

How strongly linked are particular smells to your emotions? Why is it that I often experience feelings of nausea, disorientation, distress, rhinitis and sinusitus in the presence of many perfumed products while others experience comfort and tranquility? Why is it that smokers often do not realise that their habit can be perceived as offensively stinky?

If you'd like to know more about the relationship between smells and emotions, here are some links:

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Whether you like to smell the roses, or prefer horse manure, a car engine or a toilet's disinfectant, I hope you find peace in the smells you find pleasant!


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