08 April 2009

A Peace of Chocolate

For consumers, chocolate can be one of the most blissful tastes. Like any other chocolate lover, I find it wonderful, but what about the people who grow and harvest the raw products that make up our treats?

Are you a supporter of slavery? Do you support child labour, disease and illiteracy? If you buy chocolate that is neither organic nor fair trade, then perhaps you are an accomplice to rather a lot of misery.

Yet there are options for people who care but do not wish to feel guilty. It is possible to enjoy chocolate without causing harm. Eating good chocolate can help to improve lives, too.

Here is a friendly fair trade link

There is no need to despair. Show you care.

Sharing around the best chocolate in the world can make a difference!

Learn more about the lives of the world's children

How can you help to stop the trafficking and slavery of children and young people? Perhaps being informed is a reasonable start:

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre

Understanding childhood and child development

Understanding the life process

Are you interested in the topic of age and identity? My By Any Other Name blog will explore various aspects over the coming weeks.


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