26 April 2009

Healing Humanity

For several years now, I have been spreading the message that war, like all forms of violence, is a sign of social and political failure. Whether a person is violent as a consequence of ignorance, indoctrination or insensitivity does not excuse its expression.

Films, television, computer games, books and magazines, often present violence as entertainment. Violence within households and neighbourhoods is often treated as a private matter instead of as a crime.

The reality is that violence is a sign of failed creativity. It diminishes the human spirit, social awareness and moral consciousness. It degrades the good, the true and the beautiful. It devalues life.

A cluttered mind or crowded environment can take away a sense of humanity. The same can be said of vast inequalities of wealth, health and opportunity. Young people are often confused about the meaning of success, and how it might be achieved. They are confronted with violent themes so frequently that they sometimes misinterpret the world and act accordingly.

There are many entertainers, who either sing, play sport, or act in films, who receive far more money than the world's best teachers, researchers and healers. Does this mean that wealthy entertainers have an obligation to contribute towards healing humanity? Might they be able to do so with more success than politicians?

What does it mean to heal humanity? And what is your contribution?


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