09 April 2009

Fleeting ideas and forgotten memories

Who am I? A social scientist, researcher and administrator by training? A philosopher, historian and cook by temperament? Do I limit myself by using labels and definitions? How about you? Do you sometimes forget who you really are? Who are you?

If this topic is of interest to you, then my other blogs might interest you, too. Do you sometimes have a really great idea, either to express an aspect of yourself or solve a problem, but then forget it soon afterwards?

Fleeting ideas that are later impossible to recall can be very frustrating. From time to time, I wake up in the early hours of the morning with a solution to a problem, a question to ask, or a connection between ideas, but if I don't write the ideas down straight away, my mind will not give me access to them by the time the sun rises, especially if I have fallen back to sleep in the meantime.

Are you interested in the relationship between the mind and creativity? What is creativity? Do you think there may be a relationship between creativity and peace? What is the source of your own creativity? Please share your views.


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