28 March 2009

So moved... about democracy

I was planning to avoid blogging until next month, but could not go past this opportunity to provide a link to a wonderful item in the New York Times.

It is And the Pursuit of Happiness, by Maira Kalman

It is a beautiful day here today in the town of Dorothea in the Wilderness, somewhere in Australia. I have done three loads of washing and the angel one has put the greywater around our poor, parched garden. Do you use greywater on your garden?

We have a few rainwater tanks, too, as we like to collect whatever wet stuff falls onto our roof from the fluffy white things that occasionally float past. The first rains are flushed onto the garden and the rest is directed into the tanks.

Next weekend, we will change the clocks back an hour. There will be no more sunny evenings for a few months.

Here is a link to the Australian ABC Local website's Daylight Saving Calculator

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