05 February 2009

Silent Night in Suburbia

And now the air is cool, the sky is clear, the wind has dropped, and the rainbow lorikeets are asleep.

The grapes on our vines are almost ripe. I have been eating fresh peaches from the garden, poised over the kitchen sink to stop the juice from reaching the floor.

Global warming in practice

I know it is quite late to be writing a blog, but we are expecting another few days of global warming in practice. The windows are all open. I am being the security guard while the angel one is sleeping.

My correspondents in northern Europe keep complaining about being cold. Perhaps they would like to try having their heads boiled from the inside. It is not very pleasant to feel that your brain is on fire while you sit in a tepid bath trying to lower your core temperature.

Survival or otherwise

Although the angel one suffers more than me, we are at least surviving. A neighbour of my in-laws died of heatstroke a few days ago.

Apart from the fridge growling fairly unobtrusively, there is no other sound. I like to meditate when there is silence. No traffic. No breeze. In another two days we'll have 40 degrees.

We are not far from the beach but I would not want to swim in the sea. A white pointer shark was spotted off one of the local jetties recently. In a few years time, our home might become a beachfront property, or even a reef for whatever sea creatures remain.

Our weather forecast always gives the ultraviolet ratings. At this time of year it is usually extreme. We sit inside and eat ice cream.

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